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Swyft Filings offers a number of ways to provide outstanding value for our customers by teaming up with a number of affiliates and vendors in a win-win-win situation for you, our customers and us. If you are interested in creating value for our customers in a long-term relationship, contact us today.
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Do You Provide Value to New Businesses? We Should Talk.

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Tons of New Businesses

Swyft Filings signs up and forms hundreds of new businesses a week and we love to provide them valuable opportunities to help them grow. If you think you can help these customers and create value for them, let’s discuss.

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Seamless Integrations

Our goal is to remove roadblocks for new and small businesses. We want to make value-added referrals the same. Seamless for you; and more importantly, seamless for our customers. Join our ShareASale affiliate program today.

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Easy Set Up

We are flexible with the set-up that makes the most sense to drive value to our customers. We can do traditional affiliate links, warm transfers, integrated API’s. Apply online today to see how easy the set up can be.

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Full-Service Customer Support

We offer full-service customer support to our customers and provide the same for our partners. Check out our Marketplace to see who we are currently working with. Come join us and start earning today.

Affiliates Can Start Earning Today

We are passionate about helping people start their business in a smart, hassle-free, economical way. If you can help spread the word so we can help more people, we are interested. We offer a number of attractive affiliate marketing programs. Apply today!

General Commission

Earn Up To18%per sale

We are passionate about our mission and seek opportunities to spread the message and offer additional value to our customers. Become an Affiliate Today!

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What we look for in vendors and affiliates

Shared Values

If you can help, reach or educate new entrepreneurs, we want to work with you. Join us on this journey.

Shared Marketing

Shared content, emails, newsletters. If we believe in each other, let’s help spread the word.

Beyond Convention

We are looking for creative ways to spread the word and help as many new businesses as we can.