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If it's available, you can reserve it and apply for an LLC or other business type today. If it is not available, we will notify you and you can send us alternative names for us to research for free.

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Confirming that your desired business name is available comes with vital perks.

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It's easier than ever to check if a business name is taken. Simply use our free name search and see if it's available today.

Check Business Name Availability Online FAQs

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What does it mean if the name is available?

It means that you would be able to file for that company name in your state. That could change at any time, so it is a good idea to reserve and file for the available name as soon as you can. With Swyft Filings, you can get started in less than ten minutes.

Does it mean it's an available name for all uses?

Not necessarily. We check the state databases to see if the name is available as a corporate filing. It does not necessarily mean that someone has not trademarked the name or is not using it in another state. We also have a free business name generator you can use to check on domain name availability or find alternatives to your name if it is already taken.

What does it mean to reserve a name?

Some states allow you to reserve a name for future incorporation. While the exact timelines vary, you can sometimes save a name and then incorporate it within a few days to make sure no one takes it while you work on your incorporation. The better practice is to file as soon as possible and we would love to help.

How do I know you won't take my name?

We are not in the business of taking names. We would rather help you incorporate and grow your business. We strive to have a long-term relationship with our customers as they incorporate and grow. We do not sell or transfer in any way your interest in a certain name. Our goal is to help you find the name you want and help you get started forming and growing your business today.